About Us

The Steering Committee to promote the formation of the Feather River Tourism District began work in 2014. The idea for the formation of a Tourism Investment District (TID) began during the fiscal crises of the recession when Plumas County government was no longer able to fund tourism efforts across our region. The story was the same across most California Counties as local governments were challenged to balance budgets for essential services with diminishing revenues.  It was during this time that members of the Plumas County Recreation & Hospitality Committee reached out to local lodging providers with the idea of a TID.  Instead of directing energies at securing a portion of diminishing county revenues, the committee directed their energies toward a more stable source of funding for tourism industry needs.

To promote the opportunity that a TID held for our communities, informational meetings with lodging providers and community members were held across the county. Many lodging providers saw the benefit and need of the marketing and infrastructure development that such a district could provide.  Some did not.  Concessions were made and instead of allowing a few to dictate the success of the many, a decision was made to keep the district focused in the central and western portions of the county. The current TID proposal now focuses on the communities whose leaders early on engaged the vision of a stable, long term tourism economy.  These are the communities of the Lake Almanor Basin, Indian Valley, and Quincy.

Funds to employ the legal firm needed to form the district have been solicited.   Donations and loans from supporters to date have totaled $45,000.  The Steering Committee is now working in the final stages of District Formation soliciting support of the 51% (weighted vote) of fellow lodging providers needed to form the district.

Meet the Steering Committee

Karen Klevin

Steering Committee Chair

Susan Bryner

Coldwell Banker Property Management, Lake Almanor

Ghulam Fareed

Best Western Rose Quartz Inn, Chester & Goldpan Lodge, Quincy

Tracy Wixted

Ranchito Motel, Quincy

Todd Geer

Plumas Pines Resort, Lake Almanor

Ceci reynolds

Quincy Vacation Rentals

Sharon roberts

St. Bernard Lodge, Mill Creek

jeff titcomb

Director, Shasta-Cascade Wonderland