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Accepting Applications for District Executive Director

 The role of the Feather River Tourism Association’s Executive Director is to create and manage a comprehensive program of tourism development and promotion for the Feather River Tourism Marketing District (FRTMD). The primary responsibility of this position is to grow tourism revenues in the District, through the effective use of creative marketing, strategic planning, leadership, industry knowledge and relationships, and evolving tourism practices.

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This position is open until December 2022.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to

Assessment, Brand Strategy, 2021-2023 Action Plan

An assessment and strategic action plan was completed in April by SMG Consulting utilizing input from the region's tourism stakeholders.  The plan provide insights, ideas and recommendations to assemble Plumas County’s ingredients as a full-fledged tourism destination. And then, how to share this destination with the world in a thoughtful and sustainable way.

Accepting Applications for Advisory Council

The FRTMD Board may designate individuals to serve as Advisors to the Board.

  - Advisors can be an individual or a representative of an organization.
  - 9 total Advisors: 3 Advisors representing each jurisdiction or micro-zone: Quincy/Bucks Lake, Indian Valley/Feather River Canyon, Lake Almanor
  - Advisors will be removed from their position if they miss three (3) consecutive regular Board meetings, unless they are part of an organization and          the organization sends an alternative representative in their place.
  - Advisors are not able to vote at the Board meetings, but will be asked for input, and can be considered as members of a committee.
  - Advisors serve for a term of one (1) year.

Any resident or individual representing a business or community organization within the Feather River Tourism Marketing district is eligible to apply, per the guidelines above.  If you are interested in taking part in this exciting phase of the FRTMD and being considered for an Advisor position, download the application below and submit to

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